AI and machine learning

We‘re looking to appoint a Research Leader in AI and machine learning. You’ll accelerate our progress in this area, potentially by involving one or more of our established teams or by building a complementary one.

Man holding tablet that is connected to a robot

The job role

You’ll help us develop a distinctive and innovative profile in one or more of the following areas:

  • Learning and adaptation
  • Sensory understanding and interaction
  • Reasoning and planning
  • Optimisation of procedures and parameters
  • Autonomy and creativity
  • Extracting knowledge and predictions from large, diverse digital data sets.

AI and machine learning offer endless benefits, applications and implications to our society. We are interested in how new business models may develop, and the social changes that may result.

Discover more about our Centre for Vision, Signal and Speech processing, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

Contact us

If you are inspired by this area of research, please send an expression of interest to Professor David Sampson, Vice-Provost Research and Innovation, indicating your area of expertise and how you think you could fit into our current vision.