Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of concern across the globe. To address this, we are looking for a Research Leader in cybercrime to enhance our understanding of cybercrime and improve the effectiveness of our response to cyber threats.

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The job role

Your focus will not only be on the design and development of technologies, but on strengthening our understanding of the way people use and misuse technology, and behave online. Our research will focus on numerous areas, including:

  • Cryptography
  • Information assurance and risk management
  • Systems engineering and architectures
  • Trust and trusted systems
  • Motivations of people in cyberspace
  • How different societal demographics respond to risk and interact with technology
  • Legal and policy dimensions.

Your research activity will contribute to government and industry priorities as it transforms how we protect ourselves against cybercrime.

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If you are inspired by this area of research, please send an expression of interest to Professor David Sampson, Vice-Provost Research and Innovation, indicating your area of expertise and how you think you could fit into our current vision.