Programmable communication networking

Communication networks and the ‘internet of things’ are becoming more and more software-based. More than 90 per cent of routers, switches, management systems and personal devices will be software programmable in the near future, enhancing agility in operation and providing users with easier and cheaper upgrades.

Person using phone with icons coming out the screen

The job role

Here at Surrey, programmable communication networking has been identified as a priority area for research.

We are looking for a Research Leader in programmable communication networking. You will help us develop future flexible networks which include new and innovative functionalities, algorithms and protocols, and will accelerate the introduction of new services. Your research will bridge the disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering, and computer science.

Our expertise in this area has already been recognised by industry and research funders, and with you we will continue to develop our knowledge and enhance our research in communication networking.

Discover more about our Institute for Communication Systems, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

Contact us

If you are inspired by this area of research, please send an expression of interest to Professor David Sampson, Vice-Provost Research and Innovation, indicating your area of expertise and how you think you could fit into our current vision.