Ion Beam Centre

We are a national facility supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) that sit within the Advanced Technology Institute. Our centre allows users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion irradiation and ion beam analysis. We also have extensive processing and characterisation facilities that can be made available to our customers.

The Surrey Ion Beam Centre have developed further information and resources on their Surrey Ion Beam Centre microsite.

Our aims

  • To promote and facilitate world class research in the field of ion beam applications, especially for the UK academic, commercial and industrial communities, but also for and with our international collaborators.
  • To allow users to undertake a wide variety of research using ion implantation, ion beam analysis and our extensive ancillary facilities.
  • Train and educate the UK community in the applications and technology of ion beams and provide a technology transfer to industry and academia.
  • Contribute to the prosperity and competitiveness of UK industry.

What we offer

We have an international reputation in the fields of ion beam applications for materials modification and analysis and house three accelerators for ion beam analysis, ion implantation and ion irradiation purposes.

Meet the team

Professor Roger Webb

Director of Ion Beam Centre, Professor of Ion Beam Physics

Roger joined the Department in 1983 as a Research Fellow with the SRC (as it was then - interesting how the EPSRC has gained letters over the years) Surrey Ion Beam Centre. He was employed to look after the computing facilities associated with the research group - a single pdp11, about half of the computer "power" in the department in those days. Before this he had spent 3 ye...

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