Professor Sandra McNally

Professor of Economics

Qualifications: PhD Economics. University College London, 2003.

Phone: Work: 01483 68 6955
Room no: 30 AD 00

Office hours

By appointment

Further information


Sandra McNally is a Professor in the School of Economics. She is Director of the Centre for Vocational Education Research at the London School of Economics ( She is also Director of the Education and Skills Programme at the Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics. 

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Research Interests

Economics of Education. 

Research Collaborations

Members of CVER and CEP at LSE on a range of issues in the Economics of Education.

Joint project with Jo Blanden (Surrey) and others about the effects of early childcare provision on subsequent educational outcomes. We are collaborating with  with Kirstine Hansen (IOE, UCL), Birgitta Rabe (ISER, University of Essex) and Emilia del Bono (ISER, Essex). This research is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and ESRC


‘Mental Health and Education Decisions’, (with Elena Crivellaro and Francesca Cornaglia). Labour Economics. Vol. 33, pp. 1–12. 2015.

‘Educational attainment across the UK nations: performance, inequality and evidence’ (with Stephen Machin and Gill Wyness). Educational Research. 55(2) pp. 139-164. 2013.

'Non-native Speakers of English in the Classroom: What are the effects on pupil performance?’ (with Charlotte Geay and Shqiponja Telhaj). Economic Journal, vol 123 (570), pp. F199-F415. 2013.

‘Every Child Matters? An evaluation of ‘special educational needs’ programmes in England’ (with Francois Keslair and Eric Maurin). Economics of Education Review. Volume 31 (6): 932-948.  2012.

‘The Evaluation of English Education Policies’ (with Stephen Machin). National Institute Economic Review: 219(1). R15-R25. January 2012.

‘The Effect of Tracking Students by Ability into Different Schools: a Natural Experiment’ (with Nina Guyon and Eric Maurin). Journal of Human Resources. 47(3): 684-72. Summer 2012.

‘Does Money Matter for Schools?’ (with Helena Holmlund and Martina Viarengo). Economics of Education Review. 29 (6): 1154-1164. 2010

‘The Literacy Hour’ (with Stephen Machin). Journal of Public Economics. 92: 1141-1462. June 2008.

‘Vive la Révolution! Long term educational returns from 1968 to the angry students’ (with Eric Maurin). Journal of Labor Economics 26 (1): 1-35. January 2008.

‘New Technology in Schools: Is There a Payoff?’ Economic Journal  117 (522): 1145-1167. (with Stephen Machin and Olmo Silva). July 2007

‘Reforms to Schooling in the UK: A Review of Some Major Reforms and their Evaluation’ German Economic Review  6(3): 287-296. 2005.

‘Gender and Educational Attainment in the UK,’ Oxford Review of Economic Policy 21(3), 357-372 (with Stephen Machin). 2005.

‘Improving Pupil Performance in English Secondary Schools: Excellence in Cities’, Journal of the European Economics Association. April-May 2004 2(2-3): 396-405. (with Stephen Machin and Costas Meghir).


Making a Difference in Education: what the evidence says (with Robert Cassen and Anna Vignoles). Routledge. May 2015.

Education and Economic Performance. Edited volume of papers (with Alison Wolf). Edward Elgar. Autumn 2011.
‘Have Reforms to the School System Improved Educational Outcomes?’ in Gregg, P. and Wadsworth, J. (eds). The Labour Market in Winter: the state of working Britain. Oxford University Press. 2011.

‘De quelques politiques efficaces en Angleterre’ in Meuret, D., and Chapelle, G. (eds.),  Améliorer l’école, Press Universitaires de France

‘Economic Evaluation of Education Initiatives’, in Machin, S., and Vignoles, A., (eds.), What’s the Good of Education? The Economics of Education in the UK, 2005 Princeton University Press, (with Carl Emmerson and Costas Meghir).



Human Resource Economics (EC0M028)

Statistics for Economics (EC01020)

Departmental Duties

Library liaison person, School of Economics


- IZA Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn (since November 2003)

- CESifo, Research Network Fellow. Munich (since November 2009).

- Member of Coalition for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE). (since 2009)

- Member of ESRC Peer Review College. From March 2010.

- Member of Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training (European Commission network). From January 2011.

- Board of Directors. Association for Education Finance and Policy. March 2012-2015

- Associate Editor of the Economics of Education Review. From January 2013.

- Executive Committee Member for the European Association of Labour Economists. From 2015.

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