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New study shows vitamin D could help control TB in animals

Research published today in Research in Veterinary Science reveals that vitamin D supplementation reduces the incidence and severity of tuberculosis (TB) in wild boar and red deer. The pilot study of 40 animals was conducted by a multidisciplinary team of scientists from the University of Surrey (UK), Universidad de Extremadura (Spain), and SME Ingulados (Spain). 

Scientists collaborate to shed light on prevalence and geographic distribution of tuberculosis in road-killed badgers

Researchers from the Universities of Surrey, Nottingham and Liverpool are undertaking a collaborative survey of badger carcases for evidence of tuberculosis (TB).

Getting to sleep in space is hard – and not exactly restful for the mind and body

Dr Simon Archer and Prof Derk-Jan Dijik from the Sleep Research Centre look into how sleeping works in space and how there's more to it than just nodding off.

The book made from bacteria

Surrey’s Dr Simon Park has become the first scientist to make a cover of a book completely out of bacteria.

Scientists cross-breed toy dogs predisposed to painful disease

Researchers from the University of have continued their investigations into Chiari-like malformation, a disease in toy dogs.

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