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Viktor Ivanelo

Although formal identification has not yet taken place, a body believed to be that of Viktor Ivanelo, a first year student on our Business Studies programme, has been found by Surrey Police. 

Surrey’s Professor Jim Al-Khalili creates a “Time Warper” smartphone app for BBC Four Special on gravity

Professor Jim Al-Khalili of the University of Surrey is presenting a major new BBC Four programme exploring the history and science of nature’s most important force: gravity, which affects how fast we age, and how much we weigh. The programme will also investigate how gravity affects the flow of time; and it will be based on data collected by a specially created Time Warper smartphone app, developed by Computer Science students at Surrey.

Liver fully recovers from a low protein diet

Damage caused to the liver by a low protein diet can be repaired, a new study just published in the prestigious journal ‘Nutrition’ has found.

Mathematicians predict delaying school start times won’t help sleep deprived teenagers

Delaying school start times in the UK is unlikely to reduce sleep deprivation in teenagers, research from the University of Surrey and Harvard Medical School has found. The research, conducted in collaboration between mathematicians and sleep scientists, predicts that turning down the lights in the evening would be much more effective at tackling sleep deprivation.

Jury remains out on whether odd-even car trials can combat air pollution in India

Odd-even car trials in Delhi can have an impact on reducing air pollution from certain hours of the day – but the persistence of overnight emissions from trucks could render them useless, a new study has found. 

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