Professor Susan Lanham-New

Research Interests

Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health

The Department of Nutritional Sciences has received funding for research in Nutritional Aspects of Bone Health

Specific projects currently running:

Interaction between diet and sunlight exposure on vitamin D status in Caucasian and Asian women (D-FINES) study

Extent of vitamin D deficiency in Saudi Arabian women and boys and girls

Impact of veiling on Vitamin D status in Kuwait adolescent girls: impact on bone mass

Protein and bone health: systematic review and meta-analysis

Role of dietary and supplemental potassium to osteoporosis prevention

Nutritional influences on stress fracture incidence in the Royal Marines

Role of trace elements to bone health

Nutrition and exercise influences on peak bone mass attainment

Nutrition and bone in the Swiss elderly

Role of the skeleton in acid-base homeostasis

Research Collaborations

Collaborative research work

Dr Jacqueline Berry, Vitamin D Research Group, University of Manchester

Dr Jo Fallowfield, Institute of Naval Medicine, Gosport, Hampshire

Professor David Torgerson, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

Professor Richard Eastell, Dr Rosemary Hannon, Bone Metabolism Group, University of Sheffield

Professor Jalal Khan, King Abdula-Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Professor Peter Burckhardt, University Hospital, Lausanne

Professor David Reid and Dr Helen Macdonald, Osteoporosis Research Unit, University of Aberdeen

Professor Gordon Ferns and Professor Margot Umpleby,  Post-Graduate Medical School, University of Surrey

Nutritional Sciences Division staff: Dr Warren Lee; Professor Bruce Griffin; Dr Kath Hart; Dr Jonathan Brown; Dr Adam Collins; Dr Babs Engel


Module Organiser for BMS3016 Nutrition Research Methodology and BMS3033 Sports Nutrition

Teaching Duties:

BMS 3016 Nutrition Research Methodology

BMS 3033 Sports Nutrition

BMS 3013 Reproduction and Growth

BMS 3015 Vitamins and Minerals

BMS 3017 Practical Nutrition

BMS 2012 Micronutrients

BMS 2027 Nutritional Needs of Population Groups

MSc Nutritional Medicine

MSc Toxicology

MSc Molecular Biology

Departmental Duties

Reader in Nutrition

UG and PG Teaching Duties

Member of the Academic Assembly Policy Committee 

Co-Local Organizer for 68th Nutrition Society Conference, University of Surrey, (29th June to 2nd July 2009).  Member of NS Programmes Committee

Editor-in-Chief of the Nutrition Society Textbook Series.  Member of NS Publications Committee

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 6476

Find me on campus
Room: 24 AY 03

My office hours

Please contact Stephanie Perriam for an appointment.


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Nurmi-Lawton JA., Baxter-Jones ADJ., Mirwald R., Bishop JA., Taylor P., Cooper C., New S.A. Evidence of sustained skeletal benefits from impact-loading exercise in young adolescent females: a 3-year longitudinal study. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2004;19:314-322.

New S.A. The role of the skeleton in acid-base homeostasis. The 2001 UK Nutrition Society Medal Lecture. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 2002;61:151-164

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