School of Biosciences and Medicine

Our facilities

Explore the state of the art facilities and equipment in which we invest at the University of Surrey – within the School of Biosciences and Medicine, this means providing the latest technologies to facilitate teaching as well as research across all fields.

Technological advances changes the type of equipment used within industry and research, and we are always looking to purchase the most relevant equipment and update older models.

We have recently updated our spectrophotometers for measuring concentrations of DNA, RNA, protein and bacterial cultures.

We are also looking to increase our number of ADInstruments Advanced Teaching Systems. This instrument is designed for data acquisition for a diverse range of physiological application within research and education.

These are just some examples of investments the School of Biosciences and Medicine have made and will continue as part of their commitment to improve student and staff satisfaction.

Dedicated staff support

The research support team work behind the scenes to ensure legislation is in place and equipment is regularly serviced, to enhancing output. They provide services and advice to staff, postgraduate students as well as undergraduates in their final year projects.

Equally there is a dedicated team of technical support for teaching practical classes. Their expertise is invaluable, not only in the smooth running of the classes, but also in the knowledge about the equipment and facilities they can provide to students.

Laboratory managers and technical staff

Name Role
Dr Nicola Jackson Diabetes and Oncology
Ms Anuska Mann      Nutrition and Mass Spectrometry Suite
Mrs Gill Wallis             Biochemistry and Bioimaging
Ms Diane Sewry     Biochemistry and Clinical Investigation Unit
Dr Margaret Carter   Virology
Mrs Katja Ebert-Keel     Virology
Mrs Jana Baron     Bacteriology
Dr Helen King Microbiology and Genetics