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My Surrey experience - Dan Benn, Tourism PhD

"I have found the research environment to be extremely stimulating with both established academics and PhD students alike."

My Surrey experience - Christy Hehir, Tourism and Environmental Psychology PhD

"Antarctica heightened my awareness of the serious fragility of upcoming travel destinations and was the impetus towards my passion into conversation through tourism."

TUI UK boss to deliver talk on travel industry future

Nick Longman joins University of Surrey’s tourism school Alumni Winter Reception as keynote speaker. TUI UK Managing Director also appointed to the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Advisory Board

My Surrey experience - Frederick Bayour, Tourism PhD

"Surrey endears itself to multi-cultures and is home to all."

My Surrey experience: Anke Winchenbach, Hospitality and Tourism Management PhD

"I clearly made the right decision, very happy to be part of the researcher community at Surrey!"

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