Distance learners registration

If you are a distance learner, there are a couple of tasks you’ll need to complete before beginning your programme.

Online registration

Browse to Student Self-Service to complete your online registration. If you experience any difficulties, please follow the instructions on the screen.

Within Student Self-Service, click on ‘Registration’ at the top of the screen and complete the required steps.

On completion of online registration, we’ll send an email to your Surrey email address and you’ll be enrolled for your programme – you don’t need to formally register in person.

To find out more about the IT Services available to you in the coming days, please go to your IT at Surrey. You will continue to use the same username and password details for accessing the IT Systems whilst studying at the University.

Your campus card

When you visit campus you can take the email sent to you on completion of online registration to the University Library, along with photo identification to obtain your campus card, which you will require later if you wish to take your exams on campus.

Your campus card gives you access to many of the facilities the University has to offer. You can use it to visit the Library (and borrow books, pay for photocopying etc.), IT facilities and other buildings.

Your campus card is also your Students’ Union identity card, enabling you to attend Students’ Union events and get student discounts in participating stores or venues.

It’s important to look after your campus card as there may be a charge for lost, damaged or stolen cards. The card should be returned to the Library if you leave the University permanently

Additional learning support

If you have a disability or a specific learning difference, such as dyslexia, Surrey's Additional Learning Support (ALS) service is here to help you. ALS aims to make the transition to studying at university as stress-free as possible by providing a number of support services for people with additional needs.

To book one-to-one learning support, please make an appointment to see a disability advisor.

The deadline for examination adjustments is in the second semester. If you think that you’ll need this kind of support, please contact ALS within the first four weeks of the first semester.

Get in touch


GSA Programmes (online)

If you are due to begin one of our online GSA programmes, please note the first seminar weekends for both programmes are detailed below. Further information such as your agenda and location will be emailed to you nearer the time.

BA (Hons) Theatre

Seminar Weekend

  • Saturday 15  September from 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday 16  September from 10am to 5pm.

MA Theatre

Seminar Weekend

  • Saturday 6 October 2018 from 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday 7  October 2018 from 10am to 5pm

You will be able to collect your campus cards at the seminar weekends.

If you are unable to attend, this can be collected on campus at another time. Further information will be provided nearer the time.