The University is committed to publishing the information described in its Publication Scheme including those policies which have a wide application for staff, students, prospective students and visitors.

Staff policies, guidance and templates

A-Z of policies

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Accommodation Residential Allocation Policy 2020/21 (PDF)

Accountable Information Provider Policy (PDF)

Admissions Policy

Adoption, Foster to Adopt and Surrogacy Policy (PDF)

Archive Collection Policy (PDF)

Asbestos Safety Policy (PDF)

Associate Staff - Employment Guidelines (PDF)

Associate Staff - Terms of Employment (PDF)


Biosafety and Biosecurity Policy (PDF)

Business Continuity Management Policy (PDF)


Captured Content Policy (PDF)

Child Protection and Adults at Risk Policy (PDF)

Communicable and Notifiable Disease Policy (PDF)

Competency Framework (PDF)

Copyright Policy (PDF)

Criminal Convictions Policy (PDF)


Data Protection Policy (PDF)

Dignity at Work and Study Policy (PDF)

Disability Policy (PDF)

Disclosure, Confidentiality and Sharing of Personal Data Concerning Disability (PDF)

Display Screen Equipment Policy (PDF)

Disputes Resolution Procedures (PDF)

Driving at Work Policy (PDF)

Drug (Controlled) Policy (PDF)


Electrical Safety Policy (PDF)

Eligibility to Work in the UK (PDF)

Energy Policy (PDF)

Environmental Policy (PDF)

Ethical Conduct Policy (PDF)

Ethical Investment Policy (PDF)

Ethics Policy (PDF)

Events Policy (PDF)

Export Controls Policy (PDF)

External Auditor – Provision of Non-Audit Services Policy (PDF)


Fire Safety Policy (PDF)

Flag Policy (PDF)

Food Safety Policy (PDF)

Freedom of Speech - Code of Practice (PDF)


Hazardous Substances Control Policy (PDF)

Hazardous Working Policy (PDF)

Health and Safety for Work and Services Contractors (Management of) (PDF)

Health and Safety Policy (PDF)

Hospitality and Catering Sustainability Policy (PDF)


Information Security Policy (PDF)

Intellectual Property Code Including Patents (PDF)

IT Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines (PDF)


Lasers (Working Safely With) - Code of Practice (PDF)

Legionella Bacteria within Water Systems Policy (PDF)

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) Policy (PDF)


Maternity Leave (PDF)

Misconduct (Handling Allegations of) - Code of Practice (PDF)

Mobile Phone Policy (PDF)

Modern Slavery Statement (PDF)

Monitoring Policy (PDF)


Naming Policy (PDF)


Open Research Policy (PDF)


Paternity Policy (PDF)

Philanthropic Gift Policy (PDF)

Piped Compressed Gas Systems Policy (PDF)

Poster Display and Standards - Guidelines (PDF)

Prevent Policy (PDF)

Provision of Personal Computing Equipment Policy (PDF)

Public Interest Disclosure Policy  (PDF)

Purchase Card Policy (PDF)

Purchasing Policy (PDF)


Recruitment Guidelines (PDF)

Religion, Belief, Values and Practices (PDF)

Relocation Assistance Policy (PDF)

Research - Code on Good Practice (PDF)

Risk Management Policy (PDF)


Security-sensitive Research Policy (PDF)

Security Update and Patching Policy (PDF)

Sexual Orientation Policy (PDF)

Shared Parental Leave (PDF)

Smoking Policy (PDF)

Social Media Policy (PDF)

Space Management Policy (PDF)

Staff Learning and Development (PDF)

Staff Handbook (PDF)

Student Death Policy (PDF)

Student Death Procedures (PDF)

Student Fee and Debt Management Policy (PDF)

Student Protection Plan (PDF)

Subsidiaries Policy (PDF)

Suicide Safety Policy (PDF)

Surveillance Camera System Policy and Procedure (PDF)

Sustainable Procurement Policy (PDF)


Tax Policy and Strategy (PDF)

Temporary Workers (Procurement and Management of) Policy (PDF)

Timetabling Policy (PDF)

Trade Union Facility Time (PDF)

Travel and Expenses Policy (PDF)

Treasury Management Policy (PDF)

Tuition Fee Policy (PDF)


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy (PDF)

Using Your Own Devices Policy (PDF)


Value for Money Policy (PDF)

VIP Visits Policy (PDF)

Visiting Academic Staff Procedures (PDF)


Water Policy (PDF)

Work Related Stress (Management of) Policy (PDF)

Working Practice Policy – major incident/event/adverse weather (PDF)

Working Time Directive (PDF)