For our business partners

Our external partners are the route to real-world impact for our staff and students. We partner with all sizes of business, from the entrepreneur to the multinational corporate, charities and government organisations. 

We can help you access our research outcomes to inform policy, support societal change and inform the public through knowledge exchange.

Events for our business community

Visit Surrey Research Park for our full list of business events

We don’t currently have any upcoming events. Check back soon for further announcements.

Lab setting

Our researchers can help your business create its next amazing product

Search our database of licensable technologies.

Participate in a funded collaboration

Partnering with the University of Surrey can open up access to funding, intellectual property and our network of contacts

Collaborator explorer sessions

Business Collaboration

The Innovation Strategy team offers “collaboration explorer sessions" that can help you collaborate with us. In one session we can:

  • Map out how our researchers could add value to your business
  • Which academics would be interested in working with you
  • Which kind of funding we could deploy to support a collaboration with your company.

All you need to do is email the team to book a session.

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