Innovation funding

We cannot always directly fund a partner to collaborate with us, but we can fund our own costs and license the resulting IP exclusively to a partner. The following opportunities are tailored to be attractive to the needs of our different business partners. No matter what shape, size or sector your business is in we have something for you.

Explore our list of funded opportunities that are currently available and learn how to apply.

Looking for equity investment?

We have a number of collaborative programmes and competitions that offer funded opportunities for businesses in specific sectors to gain access to our (and our partners') knowledge, skills and facilities. Each programme targets a different opportunity for growth. 

Key facts

£986K for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

We have supported five Knowledge Transfer Partnerships in 2020.

£100k in Covid-19 grants

We have supported 59 businesses get access to Covid-19 grants in 2020.

£166k for SME Innovation Voucher Scheme

We have supported 19 businesses gain access to the SME Innovation Voucher Scheme in 2020.