The University of Surrey is a world-class, research-led university committed to research excellence. Our research seeks to answer global challenges, drive innovation and deliver real-world impact.


Our vision

We will enhance our research excellence and scale to be recognised internationally as a leading research university. Research is at the heart of our mission to create new knowledge and innovate for the benefit of society.

Surrey Research Fellowship

The Surrey Research Fellowship is an exciting new opportunity for exceptional early career researchers to join a cohort of future academic leaders at the University of Surrey.

Addressing the needs of our ever-changing world

Our research is driving technological, social and environmental change in a world facing increasing challenges.

Research excellence

We are committed to undertaking excellent research meeting the highest standards of integrity and ethical standards.

Unlock your research potential

Pursue a research pathway and join like-minded academics and students changing the world of tomorrow.

Doctoral College

We support the academic and professional development of postgraduate researchers and early career researchers, to ensure our world-leading research continues to grow.

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