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We’re a tightknit community of visionary collaborators, innovative thinkers and impassioned explorers. We want to make the world a better place. We give leading researchers the space, support and opportunities they need to thrive.

We are looking for ambitious and talented researchers

The available roles are part of our broad programme of investment to support our corporate strategy. We’re placing considerable emphasis on our research, building on our existing strengths and ambitious aspirations.

You will be joining our talented researchers who are shaping the future – find out more about our Future Shapers.

If you have an outstanding research track record, are prominent in your field and think you can help us make a difference, especially in the areas outlined below, we want to hear from you. These opportunities are not exclusive, but are examples of the important world-leading research taking place at Surrey.


    Digital innovation research

    We’re the driving force in digital innovation research. From artificial intelligence to the digital economy, our research is shaping the future and challenging the status quo.

    If you are inspired by these areas of research, please send an expression of interest to Professor David Sampson, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, indicating your area of expertise and how you think you could fit into our current vision.

    We‘re looking to appoint a Research Leader in AI and machine learning. You’ll accelerate our progress in this area, potentially by involving one or more of our established teams or by building a complementary one.

    You’ll help us develop a distinctive and innovative profile in one or more of the following areas:

    • Learning and adaptation
    • Sensory understanding and interaction
    • Reasoning and planning
    • Optimisation of procedures and parameters
    • Autonomy and creativity
    • Extracting knowledge and predictions from large, diverse digital data sets.

    AI and machine learning offer endless benefits, applications and implications to our society. We are interested in how new business models may develop, and the social changes that may result.

    Discover more about our Centre for Vision, Signal and Speech processing, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

    We’re looking for a Research Leader in connected and autonomous vehicles to take advantage of our strong industrial links and expertise in 5G communications within this rapidly growing sector.

    Digital transport technologies are one of the highest priorities in the UK Government’s national digital strategy, and we’re keen to bolster our research in this area.

    A universal 5G infrastructure will be essential for the transport of the future. It will ensure we’re able to achieve the full levels of safety, reliability and service which will be required. This appointment will give you the opportunity to strengthen our existing activities and shape our future projects.

    Discover more about our 5G Innovation Centre, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

    Cybercrime is a fast-growing area of concern across the globe. To address this, we are looking for a Research Leader in cybercrime to enhance our understanding of cybercrime and improve the effectiveness of our response to cyber threats.

    Your focus will not only be on the design and development of technologies, but on strengthening our understanding of the way people use and misuse technology, and behave online. Our research will focus on numerous areas, including:

    • Cryptography
    • Information assurance and risk management
    • Systems engineering and architectures
    • Trust and trusted systems
    • Motivations of people in cyberspace
    • How different societal demographics respond to risk and interact with technology
    • Legal and policy dimensions.

    Your research activity will contribute to government and industry priorities as it transforms how we protect ourselves against cybercrime.

    Discover more about our Centre for Cyber Security, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

    Society is going through a digital transformation. We are looking for a Research Leader in digital economy to help us make the most of the advancement of digital technologies.

    We believe that the innovative use of digital technologies will have a profound effect on community life, cultural experiences and the economy. We are looking for a research leader who will embrace the opportunities provided by digital innovation whilst considering the possible negative consequences and their mitigation.

    While your main research focus would be on the digital economy itself, our interests also encompass:

    • Behavioural aspects of the digital transformation
    • Reflection in arts, literature, popular culture and education
    • Impact on community life and cultural experiences
    • Legal and legislative implications.

    Discover more about our Centre for Digital Economy, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

    OneHealth is the idea that the health and wellbeing of people is connected to the health of animals and the environment. We are looking for a talented researcher in clinical data science/epidemiological statistics to join us as a Research Leader in eOneHealth.

    You will develop novel, multi-level smart sensor technologies for patient self-management support, and use integrated biomedical data to predict disease and enhance prognosis.

    Our goal is to enhance independent community living by creating implantable, environmental and wearable devices, custom-built for the individual rather than population health. Working with us at the interface between technology and medicine, you will prioritise solving problems according to clinical need rather than technological possibility.

    You will encourage the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines and work locally, nationally, and globally to achieve the best health for people, animals and our environment.

    Discover more about research in our Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the faculty that will inform and support your research.

    Communication networks and the ‘internet of things’ are becoming more and more software-based. More than 90 per cent of routers, switches, management systems and personal devices will be software programmable in the near future, enhancing agility in operation and providing users with easier and cheaper upgrades.

    Here at Surrey, programmable communication networking has been identified as a priority area for research.

    We are looking for a Research Leader in programmable communication networking. You will help us develop future flexible networks which include new and innovative functionalities, algorithms and protocols, and will accelerate the introduction of new services. Your research will bridge the disciplines of electrical and electronic engineering, and computer science.

    Our expertise in this area has already been recognised by industry and research funders, and with you we will continue to develop our knowledge and enhance our research in communication networking.

    Discover more about our Institute for Communication Systems, the research centre that will inform and support your research.

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