Our mission is to sustainably improve the health and wellbeing of humans and animals, and their environments through new knowledge and its application to the design, development and delivery of responsible innovation and impact.

About our research

Our University Research and Innovation strategy and our Faculty Research and Innovation Strategy 2022-25 (PDF) are underpinned by an understanding of the importance of collaboration and co-creation — with colleagues and with those individuals, groups and organisations beyond our Faculty and University who have an interest in our work, and with those who have an interest in their work. We use these interactions to shape what research we do, as well as how it is conducted, disseminated and used; through such knowledge exchange and stakeholder involvement we will foster innovation for the widest possible benefit. Indeed, it is the varied disciplinary knowledge, personal and professional networks, and life experiences and skills of our research and innovation community that will enable us to achieve our mission.

Open Research

We are committed to fostering an open research culture. In these case studies, researchers from our Faculty explain how they have used open and transparent practices to carry out and communicate their research, and explore the benefits and challenges of being open.

Find out more about Open Research at Surrey, and download the Open Research Handbook (PDF).

Our 'One Health, One Medicine' approach

We understand that human health is closely linked to animals, plants and our shared environment. To improve our health and that of animals, we’ve implemented a ‘One Health, One Medicine’ approach, bringing together expertise from a broad range of multidisciplinary areas.  

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