Open research

Open research is a set of practices that seek to make research easily discoverable, transparent, publicly available and re-usable; to foster a collaborative and inclusive research culture; to spur innovation and creativity; and, where applicable, to support the reproducibility of research findings.

Open Research in Practice module

Our new online module and associated badge offer Surrey researchers the opportunity to learn more, do more, and engage more with open and transparent practices, in ways relevant to their own discipline.

Currently, the Open Research in Practice module is only available to members of the University of Surrey. It will be made openly available at our next stage of development.

Take the Open Research in Practice training module.

Man on laptop looking at reports

Getting your research discovered

There are many things you can do to make your research data easy to find, easy to reuse and importantly, easy to cite.

Celebrating open research at Surrey

Discover how our researchers employ open, transparent and reproducible approaches.

Research data management policy

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