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Teams that advance Open Research at Surrey

The Library's Open Research, Content and Faculty Engagement teams work in partnership with staff and students from faculties across the University to create the Open Research community at Surrey.

The following teams consist of experts both in their field and in their particular area of Open Research. So they will advance, support, and facilitate Open Research at Surrey holistically, while also being equipped to find the most helpful answer for your specific needs. You can also find details of our Open Research Champions.

For help and enquiries, email No matter how complex or niche, your enquiry will be directed to the right person.

Contact our experts

If you'd like to speak with a member of one of the teams, then please email in the first instance.

Open Research Champions

Open Research Champions are a group of researchers who promote and advocate Open Research within their Schools and Departments, are knowledgeable of where to find information on Open Research practices, and facilitate the adoption of Open Research practices within their research communities.

Open Research Champions also play an important role in supporting the Open Research Team in producing discipline-specific training materials in various areas of Open Research.

You can contact your Open Research Champion with any Open Research related queries, and the Champion will be able to point you towards the information or resources you require.


Open Research Champions by faculty