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Open Research training

Training and resources to help you learn about Open Research, meet essential requirements and adopt practices suitable for your discipline.


Using your Open Research learning resources

The Open Research training module is the first step towards discovering and adopting open practices. View the flowchart (PDF) or see the steps below.

You may also want to attend one or more of our live Open Research sessions, currently delivered online. Our sessions are available to Surrey staff and postgraduate research students. Please view and register here. You can also contact us to arrange a bespoke session for your school.

About the module

Open Research in Practice is an online module introducing key aspects of Open Research, including Open Access, open data, open licences, reproducibility, study preregistration, open source, Open Educational materials, and more.

Open Research is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The module reflects this. While some essential actions highlighted in the course are required by funders and University policies, overall, the aim of the module is to provide an overview of different practices, discuss their relevance to different disciplines and encourage you to adopt practices relevant to your research field.

After completing the module, you are encouraged to create a basic Open Research plan, identify any further training needs and take part in discussions and updates on open practice.

What others say

I found this module very helpful and interesting! I thought everything was important to cover, even aspects that weren't specifically relevant to me were good to know. There were a lot of things I hadn't heard of before like pre-registering studies, and feel a lot more knowledgeable particularly with creative commons licenses. I particularly like the checklist at the end as there is a lot of content covered throughout the module and it provides a good summary and action plan.
The module is engaging and interesting. I would recommend to all researchers irrespective of their career stage and research experience.
I really liked that it was online and I could take it at my own pace. The exercises and videos were particularly useful for me. I would have liked a bit more detail on open education. I had no technical issues and intend to go back to the module to explore the additional resources going forwards.