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Research metrics

Research metrics help make a fair comparison across different subjects, document types and publications in a qualitative and systematic way.

Bibliometric and altmetric studies

Here at the University, bibliometric and altmetric work falls under the remit of the Open Research team. We conduct bibliometric and altmetric studies at various levels of scale (institutional, faculty, departmental, group, and individual) for a variety of internal stakeholders. Stakeholders then apply the outcomes of these studies in a range of ways, including for strategic intelligence, decision making, evaluation, and recruitment.

Our work is carried out in line with the ethics, principles, and values of responsible metrics as set out by the international and UK metrics communities. Through a combination of leading by example and awareness raising, we strive to engage the Surrey community with responsible metrics and to advocate their application at all times in any metrics related work undertaken at the University.

Get in contact

If you have any questions about research metrics or the tools we use here then please email our Open Research team.

Metrics tools used

Metrics tools used at Surrey are:

Citation indices

Citation indices supply the data that underlie bibliometrics. There are two subscription citation indices:

  1. Clarivate's Web of Science
  2. Elsevier's Scopus

Both are accessible through the Library at Surrey.


Scival provides easy access to bibliometric profiles and is the bibliometrics tool we use at SurreyScival is a subscription bibliometrics tool that uses data from Scopus.

On campus access is available to all staff with a Surrey email address.

Altmetric data

For altmetric data, Surrey subscribes to the Altmetric Explorer for Institutions (EFI).

Responsible use of metrics

Responsible metrics capture fairly the richness, diversity, and complexity of research and researchers. Humility, robust data, transparency, and reflexivity are also key components of responsible metrics.

Both here in the UK and internationally, there is a growing urgency to encourage more responsible use of metrics. In the UK, responsibility for this falls formally under the remit of the Forum for Responsible Metrics. The Forum works with universities, funders, and the research community to support and promote responsible metrics.

Actions we are taking

Our work within Open Research, and across the University, is carried out in line with the ethics, principles, and values of responsible metrics as set out by the international and UK metrics communities, our funders, and the sector statements outlined above (including the principles of DORA, the Leiden Manifesto, and the UK Forum for Responsible Use of Metrics).

The University of Surrey has developed its own statement of responsible metrics principles.  A new implementation plan to support the practical application of responsible metrics, including resources, the development of evaluation, and recognition of the value of all relevant research outputs, has been created from the academic year 2020-21. Progress against this plan will be actively monitored.

The responsible metrics principles the University promotes are: