Open access

Scholarly publications, including journal articles, conference proceedings and monographs, are currently the main avenues to disseminating research, but often people need to pay for access; even then, they are limited in how they can re-use the work.

Open access to publications aims to remove these barriers. Open access publications are freely available online, without the need for payment or passwords.

Open access at Surrey

To support open access, the Library:  

  • Supports the deposit of research outputs created by Surrey researchers in the University’s Open Access repository
  • Manages funds to cover the costs of open access publishing; and has in place a number of publisher agreements that support compliance with funders.

If you have any questions, or need guidance then please email our Open Research team at

The table below shows how you can make your research articles open access.

Open access option 

Deposit in an open access repository (‘Green’ route)

Publish open access (‘Gold’ route)


No cost.

Costs apply, either as a one-of payment (Article Processing Charge – APC) or as part of an agreement with the publisher.

Scroll down to Publishing open access to view specific information per publisher.


Usually the author’s accepted manuscript (AAM).

Published version


Deposit on acceptance.

Public immediately or after an embargo period, depending on the publisher's policy.
Embargoes usually vary between 6 months and 3 years.

Immediately on publication.


Available at your University’s repository, or any other repository specified in the publisher’s conditions.

Available from the publisher's website; can usually be posted in any other repository.


Copyright is usually transferred to the publisher, but you keep certain rights.

Usually published under a Creative Commons (CC) licence. As a condition of using open access funds, you must select the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC BY) for your article.


See section Adding your publications to the repository below.

See section publishing open access below

We continue to offer a fully-mediated service. However, now you also have the option to create your own publication records and upload the corresponding author’s accepted manuscript directly in the repository.

Option 1: Deposit directly

 The Library will check copyright if a file has been uploaded:

  1. Visit the Open Research repository
  2. On the top right corner, select Surrey Researchers sign in (use your university username and password)
  3. Once logged in, select the 'add content' button (top right corner)
  4. Select “asset type”. By 'asset’ the system means type of research output (for example, article, book etc).


  • Entering an active DOI will automatically populate some fields
  • By adding a PDF file, the platform can extract some information from it.

Should you wish to get more familiar with the platform, watch the 5-minute video on how to add a research out to your profile in Esploro.

Option 2. Send your publications to the Library for uploading

Email your publications to the Library at For recently accepted papers, please send us the file of the accepted manuscript as soon as the article has been accepted for publication.

Important: The version of the article to upload or send to us must be the accepted manuscript.

To help you publish open access, the Library holds agreements with several journal publishers.

Transitional agreements (also known as transformative agreements) are negotiated between institutions/national consortia and publishers to enable a transition from a subscription publishing model to a fully open access publishing model, with the aim to make all research open access, published under business models that are transparent and sustainable.

Transitional agreements are:

  • Compliant with major funders: These agreements are strongly supported by many funders, guided by the principles of cOAlitionS
  • Efficient: Having such agreements in place makes it overall easier for you to publish open access, as in most cases you no longer need to apply to the Library for an APC (see table below)
  • Cost-effective and transparent: Access to subscription content and open access publishing costs are part of a single deal, set up in ways that substantial savings are made over the course of the transition compared to paying open access costs individually. Costs and other information on the progress of the transition are publicly available and monitored.

The Library also has in place prepayment or discount arrangements. These are not transformative, but have been set up to benefit from discount offers and/or more efficient payment processes.

The table below summarises the details for each agreement currently in place:


Am I eligible?  

Do I need to submit an APC request form?  

Which journals are covered? 

Which licence should I select? 

Additional notes 

Cambridge University Press 

Only if you are the corresponding author 



Open access waivers and discounts

Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY)* 

Step-by-step guide to... Publishing Open Access in Cambridge journals (PDF)


Only if you are the corresponding author 

Yes - submit form  



There is a prepayment account that only covers UKRI-funded papers.  

Non-UKRI funded papers will require an invoice. Please do not raise an invoice before your APC request has been approved. 

Institute of Physics 

Only if you are the corresponding author 


Subscription journals only. Does not cover fully OA journals.  

Eligible Journals for Transformative Agreements




Only if you are the corresponding author 

Yes - submit form   



10% discount  

Microbiology Society 

Only if you are the corresponding author 


All six journals published by the society.

Microbiology Society and Jisc agree two-year open access deal



Portland Press (Biochemical Society) 

Only if you are the corresponding author 


5 subscription journals and 2 full OA journals 

Transformative options supporting open access 



Royal Society of Chemistry  

Only if you are the corresponding author 


All subscription Royal Society of Chemistry journals. 

15% discount on APCs for fully OA journals. 

Read and Publish scheme


Funds are limited. 

After the limit has been reached, a 15% discount applies. 


Only if you are the corresponding author 


Subscription journals. 
20% discount on APCs for fully OA journals. 


If publishing in a fully OA journal, please claim the discount by quoting JISC2020 discount code. 

Springer Nature Compact 

Only if you are the corresponding author


Subscription journals only. 
20% discount on APC for fully OA journals.

Only covers original papers, review papers, brief communications, and continuing education papers.

UK Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreement


Springer Nature (BioMed Central and Nature) are not covered by this agreement. Please submit an APC request for those titles.


Taylor & Francis 

Only if you are the corresponding author 


 Research articles only.




Only if you are the corresponding author. 


UKRI-funded researchers. 

Only if your paper is non-UKRI funded 

 Primary research and review articles.


Funds are limited.  


*Please note: publishers may offer you other licences, e.g. CC-BY-NC-ND. The University only supports CC-BY, in line with funders’ requirements.

** Wiley has confirmed that they will be introducing restrictions on 1 July, limiting the deal to papers acknowledging UKRI funding.

The Library manages two budgets to pay open access publication costs known as article processing charges (APCs), for articles not already covered by publisher agreements:

  • The UKRI Open Access Fund, allocated to Surrey on a yearly basis, covers eligible publications
  • The Library Open Access Fund supports publications where the funder does not allocate funds to cover open access costs, or where the author does not receive any funding.

In these cases, you must submit an APC request form to the Library and receive an approval before you commit to a payment to the publisher.


  • The paper must be a peer-reviewed research journal article or conference proceeding. The funds do not cover review articles, invited articles, monographs or book chapters
  • You should normally be the principal investigator and/or the corresponding author
  • You must choose to publish the article under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence
  • The University supports APCs for journals/open access options compliant with your funder’s requirements
  • The funds do not cover colour printing charges. Page charges may be covered depending on the journal.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Before submission

If you wish to publish open access, particularly in a fully open access journal, make sure there is funding to support publication costs:

  1. Check the publisher agreements table to find out whether your article is covered by one of the existing agreements
  2. Check if open access costs are already written into the grant. Some funders, including the Wellcome Trust or the Leverhulme Trust, allow you to cost open access publishing fees either in your grant application or during the life of the grant. In those cases, open access costs should be covered directly by the funder; not the Library budgets
  3. If 1 or 2 don’t apply, submit an APC request form if your article is not covered by an agreement. It is important to secure approval of funding before you commit to paying the publisher.

The Library will either approve your request, indicating next steps when the paper is accepted; or will recommend alternative options if your article is not eligible for approval.

Please contact if you have any questions.

On submission

If you are the corresponding author, make sure this is indicated clearly and that you have provided your Surrey affiliation and Surrey email address to the publisher. This will ensure the publisher identifies you as eligible if an agreement with Surrey is in place.

Acknowledge your funder fully on the paper. The recommended format is:

This work was supported by the Medical Research Council [grant number xxxx]

or, for multiple funders:

This work was supported by the Medical Research Council [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; the Wellcome Trust [grant number zzzz]; and Cancer Research UK [grant number aaaa].

On acceptance

  1. The journal will offer you a choice of Creative Commons licences e.g. CC BY, CC BY-NC-ND etc. Please choose the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY)
  2. Follow any other steps indicated by the Library (e.g., in cases when you need to raise an invoice directly).

On publication

  1. Please notify the Library when your article has been published
  2. Publicise and promote your publication. See getting your research discovered.

Doctoral theses are a key outcome of research. We are committed to making past and current doctoral theses open access. From 2015, all doctoral and MPhil students must deposit their final version as approved by the examiners in the University’s open access repository.

In 2016 the University embarked on a project to make doctoral theses available to the wider public. All of our past theses have now been digitised.

Our doctoral theses can be accessed from the University’s open access repository. They can also be found via the British Library’s e-theses online service, EThOS.

View more information on open access to theses.

Deposit your papers

Open Access to Research Outputs policy

Companion guide to Open Access policy