Why volunteer?

Each year, the University of Surrey receives the voluntary support of alumni, friends, local businesses and entrepreneurs. These gifts of time and expertise benefit the University in many important ways, and the impact of our volunteers cannot be underestimated.

By volunteering, you can make a vital contribution to what makes Surrey successful. You can support both current and prospective students, help the University meet its objectives and maintain and grow our global reputation.

It’s not just about giving, you get a lot back!

There are many benefits to volunteering, such as developing your skills, meeting interesting people, promoting your company and keeping in touch with fellow alumni and academics, all whilst supporting a cause you care about.

We are always delighted to welcome new alumni to the volunteering community, and there are many ways in which you can help.  Hear from some of our current volunteers…

Meet our volunteers

Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines, hold a variety of skills and are at different career stages. Their common ground is a shared desire and enthusiasm to work together to really make a difference to the University of Surrey community. 
We asked our volunteers why they chose to support Surrey.

Lewis Young - LLB Law 2012, Solicitor at The Partnership Ltd

Lewis supports our Open Days and Law Networking Evenings, sharing his experiences with applicants and current students. "I always felt passionately about the University, and, as I always felt at home at Surrey, being able to share this with prospective students means that my experiences can be of benefit to someone else."

Janet Preston - BSc Physics 1978, Director of Cold Fuzion business consultancy

Janet supports our Student Enterprise programme, encouraging entrepreneurial students to develop their skills and business ideas. "I had four fabulous years at Surrey and I want to give something back. I get to pass on my business experience and work with bright young minds testing the boundaries. In return, I’m gaining new insights in the digital media and retailing industries, worlds quite different to my own."

Pat Boadu-Darko - MSc Tourism Marketing 1993, Principal Tour Organiser, pbdTravel International

Pat mentored a final year Tourism Management student and was keen for her mentee to learn about the motivating factors behind her business and invited her to a celebration by a Ghanaian and Nigerian community in Woolwich, Southeast London. “My mentee’s appreciation of the culture and values of the gathering that evening went a long way to inform her critique of the company and her suggestions for new ideas which have had a positive effect on our operations. In return, through our mentor/mentee relationship, I got a peep into her community in Lincolnshire – a community I plan to visit in the not too distant future!”

Sana Sandra Karbal - LLB Law 2015

Sana volunteers as a Marketing & Student Recruitment Ambassador for the University of Surrey in Abu Dhabi “I decided to volunteer because I firmly believe in giving back to communities and causes I am passionate about. I enjoyed my experience at the University of Surrey and I’m wholeheartedly passionate about encouraging individuals of all backgrounds, demographics, and socioeconomic groups to seek higher education”

Feeling inspired?

We have a wide variety of volunteering roles so you can find something that’s the perfect fit for you. Complete our short form to tell us about your interests and we’ll be in touch to discuss the opportunities.