Quality framework

Discover more about the University of Surrey's academic and student regulations, codes of practice, and procedures and policies which are in place to ensure the academic student experience is of an outstanding quality. You can also find here information about the University governance structure, learning opportunities, student support and working with external partners. The Quality Framework for the University consists of a number of elements, all designed to deliver academic programmes of a high academic standard and a high-quality student learning experience. 

Please read the Introduction to the Quality Framework (PDF) for further information.


The University is committed to publishing the information described in its Publication Scheme including those policies which have a wide application for staff, students, prospective students and visitors.

Academic governance

Regulations, codes of practice, procedures and policies are considered and approved via the academic governance structure. Responsibility for academic standards and quality lies with Senate. Committees with responsibilities for education and student experience reporting to Senate are the University Education Committee (UEC), the Senate Progression and Conferment Executive (SPACE) and the University Research Degrees Committee (URDC).