Codes of practice

The following are in operation for 2020/21.

Code of practice 2020/21Relevant webpage

Code of practice for academic governance (PDF)

(last revised 1st February 2021)

University Quality Framework
Code of practice for annual programme review: postgraduate research programmes (PDF)Doctoral College
Code of practice for annual programme review: taught programmes. 

The APR process for reporting on 2019/20 is currently suspended and the Code of practice is under review.

Annual Programme Review (Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught)

Code of practice for assessment and feedback (PDF)
Methods of mark adjustment (pptx)
Mark adjustment algorithm 1: Z-Score (xlsx)
Mark adjustment algorithm 2: quadratic scaling (xlsx)
Mark adjustment algorithm 3: 3-point piecewise linear scaling (xlsx)
Mark adjustment algorithm 4: 4-point piecewise linear scaling (xlsx)


Recognition of prior learning

Code of practice for associate tutors, guest speakers and visiting academics involved in teaching (PDF) 
Code of practice for collaborative provision (PDF) Collaborative provision
Code of practice for external examining: taught programmes (PDF) 

External examiners (External webpages)

External examiners (Internal webpages - external examiner registers by Faculty)

Code of practice for moderators within the associated institutions of the University (PDF)Moderators
Code of practice for personal tutoring (PDF)University Quality Framework
Code of practice for postgraduate researchers who support teaching (PDF)Doctoral College
Code of practice for professional training (PDF)Working with external partners
Code of practice for programme life cycle processes (PDF)Validation and periodic enhancement
Suspensions and withdrawals
Code of practice for recognition of prior learning and prior credit: taught programmes (PDF) Recognition of prior learning
Code of practice for research degrees (PDF)Doctoral College
Code of practice for student engagement (PDF)Learning opportunities and student support
Code of practice for temporary and permanent withdrawals: taught programmes (PDF) 
Code of practice for the approval of new PhD and MD programmes (to be published shortly) 
Roles and Responsibilities for faculty staff involved in learning, teaching and postgraduate research student support (PDF) 

The previous versions of the codes of practice are available on request from