Validation and periodic enhancement

Programme viability

Each new programme must be considered through the programme viability process. Further information can be found in the Code of Practice for Programme Life Cycle Processes and is overseen by Programme Viability Approval Committee.

The purpose of the Committee will be to assess the viability of each proposal within the following areas:

  • Market demand
  • Resources required to deliver
  • Financial margin.

In brief once a proposal has met the requirements for viability within the main areas as detailed above and approved it can then progress to the validation stage. At this stage the programme will be advertised as ‘subject to validation'.

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Validation and periodic enhancement

The design and approval process (validation) is the quality assurance mechanism by which a proposed programme of study is scrutinised in order to assure Senate (the academic authority) that the programme meets the University’s expectations for quality and academic standards.

Periodic enhancement is the process by which periodically the University assures itself that existing provision and practices with schools/departments continue to be relevant, current and meet their stated aims and objectives.

  • The validation/periodic enhancement process is made up of two stages, initial checks and the validation/periodic enhancement event.
  • The outcomes of the initial checks will be conditions/corrections only based on compliance with the University’s regulations, codes of practice and policies.
  • Panel members for the validation/periodic enhancement event will consist of:
    • A chair
    • Internal panel member
    • Student panel member
    • External panel member(s)
    • Event coordinator.
  • The validation/periodic enhancement event will focus on peer-led discussion, innovation and plans for the future. The outcome of this should be helpful recommendations to further improve the school/departments practices based on, for example, good practice already in use within the University or externally
  • The outcomes of the validation/periodic enhancement event will be recommendations, and in exceptional circumstances conditions
  • Programmes approved through the validation process will have an open ended approval and will be subject to the periodic enhancement process when their school/department next undertake the process as per the schedule (for periodic enhancement schedule dates please e-mail
  • The periodic enhancement process operates at school/department level.

Further information and guidance, including process maps, can be found within the Code of practice for programme life cycle processes (PDF).

Template and guidance documents

Additional guidance and templates used by Academic Quality Services: