The governance of the University is led by the Members of Council and a number of statutory bodies and committees. Detailed information is provided in the statutes, ordinances and University Charter.

The governance of the University in detail

The Charter and Statutes define the University’s purpose, objects and principles of governance. These documents are subject to approval by the Privy Council.

The Ordinances and Academic Regulations are subject to approval by Council and Senate respectively. They ensure the appropriate operational application of the governing principles.

Council is the governing body of the University and is responsible for ensuring the University is managing its strategy, finances and administration appropriately and – subject to the powers of the Senate and on the advice of the Executive – has general control over the affairs of the University.

Senate is responsible, subject to the Statutes and Ordinances, and the control and approval of Council, for the oversight of the Academic Endeavour of the University and has the power to make recommendations to Council.

Council and Senate delegate specific day-to-day operational issues to a number of sub-committees.

The Scheme of Delegation (PDF) outlines where final authority sits for key decisions made within and on behalf of the University.

Our degree outcomes

Take a look at our degree outcomes for the period 2017/18 to 2021/22.

Degree outcomes statement