Statutory bodies and committees

The governance of the University involves several statutory bodies and committees. These consist of a range of staff members, ex-officio and elected University representatives, and a number of external members.


The Council is the governing body of the University. It meets four times per year and is responsible for the finances, administration, property, management and, subject to the powers of the Senate, has general control over the affairs of the University.

Membership of the Council comprises ex-officio and elected University representatives, together with a number of external members.

University of Surrey Council terms of reference (PDF)


The Senate meets four times per year and is the statutory body responsible for governing the University's academic matters, including teaching and research, and the regulation and direction of the education and conduct of students.

The composition of the Senate is drawn from the academic staff of the University, together with a number of ex-officio, elected and co-opted members. The Chair of the Senate is the President and Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Senate terms of reference (PDF)

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the senior advisory body which assists the Vice-Chancellor in discharging his executive authority to manage the operations and affairs of the University.

It is responsible for advising on all matters relating to the University's strategy and for making recommendations to Council for approval. The Executive Board meets 11 times per year.


The above Bodies are supported by a series of Committees which oversee the activities of distinctive administrative and academic areas of the University:

Council sub-committees

Senate sub-committees

  • Academic Promotions Committee
  • Honorary Degrees Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Research and Innovation Committee

Executive Board sub-committees

  • Compliance Committee (Data)
  • Compliance Committee (Health, Safety and Wellbeing)
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • External Engagement Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Partnerships and Reputation Committee
  • Student Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions Committee
  • University/Students' Union Committee