Covid-19 innovation

Members of our innovation ecosystem have been working hard in the fight against Covid-19 to create new products and services based on our research. Here we highlight their work and to say a public "thank you".

Radical Fibres: making safer personal protective equipment

Radical Fibres

Radical Fibres Ltd is fresh spin-out company from the University of Surrey which started trading in April 2020. They are an advanced textile company, specialising in customising and manufacturing nanofibre solutions for a wide range of applications.

Being an airborne virus, Covid-19 presented a huge worldwide challenge in a very short space to time; the need for fast and effective face mask filter materials. The virus itself is only about 40nm in size, which is a major problem given that most face masks are only certified to filter particles as small as 2000nm.

Radical Fibres have risen to this challenge and in less than six months successfully developed nanofibre filter material which meets the requirements head-on. Their patented technology has demonstrated how nanofibre filter materials have the best nanoparticle filtration efficiency, whilst improving breathability, heat dissipation and reducing the CO2 re-breathing, all current issues with modern alternatives.

VH-6 Portable Covid-19 testkit

Vidiia Ltd

Vidiia Ltd is a spin-out medical technology company, formed in June 2020 to lead and drive the commercial success of the innovative Virus Hunter 6 (VH6). The VH6 is a rapid diagnostic LAMP testing platform targeting SARS-CoV-2, created successfully in collaboration with our consortium including Surrey University, Brunel University London and Lancaster.  

The consortium has worked with Vidiia to deliver a market leading product, critical in offering fast and accurate point of care necessary against the fight against COVID-19. The new and innovative SARS-CoV-2 rapid point of care diagnostics platform relies on a reverse-transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP) and a hand-held smart diagnostic device to provide highly specific 96.8% and highly sensitive 98.6% results for up to six patients simultaneously in 20 minutes.

Sammi-Select Ltd: sophisticated candidate interview software

Sammi Select

Sammi-Select Ltd is a spin-out company from the University of Surrey set up in January 2020. Formed by a diverse team of experts who uniquely bring fresh scientific innovation and a vision for equality, diversity, inclusion and objectivity to the candidate selection space.

Sammi-Select’s scientifically developed system replaces unproven approaches adopted to cope with pandemic-driven challenges. Suitable for any organisation handling large volumes of applicants, it can support scheduling, capture and analysis of responses, and automates provision of feedback to candidates. Positive impacts accrue ethically and financially for organisations including users of public health services like the NHS and those supporting its’ continuity needs. A potential net environmental benefit is clear with reduced necessity to travel and costs of traditional selection processes.