The latest information on the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak. The University is closely monitoring developments and will continue to update you on the latest advice and guidance. 

General advice for students, staff and visitors

Latest situation (as of 12 March 2020)

At present, we do not have a confirmed case of Covid-19 here at the University. There is no specific disruption to the day-to-day operations at the University at present, and no current impact on exams or teaching.

There are people who may have been advised to self-isolate by medical professionals – this does not mean that they have Covid-19 or that they are necessarily infectious. Please be supportive and understanding of the strain this may put on anyone in this situation. 

If any of our community is confirmed as having contracted Covid-19, then we will do the following:

  • Provide anyone affected with support and advice to get the right medical care 
  • Inform you of what action we will be taking – as advised by Public Health England
  • Inform you of what action you need to take – again, as advised by Public Health England

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Find out about the number of cases and risk level in the UK from the GOV.UK website, which is updated daily at 2pm or read about the UK Government's Coronavirus Action Plan: a guide to what you can expect across the UK

Campus operating status

Visit the alerts page to check for updates regarding campus operating status.

What to do if you are worried that you might have Covid-19

Phone NHS 111 or call your GP and tell them where you have travelled from recently so that you can access free advice and treatment.

View further specific information for staff and students.

What the University is doing

The University has a comprehensive plan for how we would deal with any situation in which someone on campus may have contracted Covid-19. We will work closely with health authorities and Public Health England to make sure that anyone who may have contracted Covid-19 is fully supported and gets the care and medical advice they need.

A senior management response team (Silver Response Group) continues to meet frequently to oversee and manage our preparations and response. Guided by a set of agreed strategic objectives, some of the actions undertaken by Silver to date include:

  • Identifying, and tracking staff and students who may be at higher risk due to their recent travel plans
  • Rolling out PHE hygiene posters/hand sanitisers/enhanced cleaning regimes focusing on disinfecting surfaces
  • Regular updates online, with supporting FAQs
  • Reviewing and updating our incident response, impact and contingency plans
  • As part of that planning we are ensuring that we are working with all teaching staff to plan and prepare contingencies for any future eventuality. We are working on how we deliver our modules to students in the event of any disruption.  
  • Teaching staff are making sure that all relevant module materials are available on SurreyLearn, a portal we use for all students. In the event of any disruption, all teaching sessions and all materials that would usually be explained in tutorials/seminars/lab sessions will be captured using Panopto and added to SurreyLearn.  

Useful contacts

If you have any immediate health concerns, contact NHS 111.

If you have any questions about the University response:

Useful information

View the latest advice and guidance from: