Forward Thinking. And Doing

As society emerges from the implications of the global pandemic, we will focus on building the foundations for a better future. We will create an environment where our community comes together as one to educate and develop the future leaders and citizens that will make the world a better place. At the same time, we will be creating new knowledge, sharing our ideas and innovating to contribute to society in collaboration with our stakeholders and partners around the world.  

This strategy refresh extends our existing The Surrey Advantage strategy (PDF) to 2024 to bridge the University’s ambitions from where we were pre-pandemic, through the national and international recovery period, to build a strong platform from which we can aspire to even greater achievements in the future. 


  • The University of Surrey provides excellent education, and advances and disseminates knowledge. 

  • The University transforms lives and shapes the world for a better future by partnering with students, governments, businesses, alumni and local communities. 

  • The University delivers social and economic impacts through research and innovation, together providing solutions to global challenges. 


  • The University of Surrey will be a leading global university.  

  • We will be renowned for the outstanding quality and impact of our graduates and research, as well as our collective contributions to society.  

  • We will build on our distinctive heritage of practice-based learning and excellent student experience, and embrace our future by focusing on digital transformation. 

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Our roadmap for success

To deliver our mission, prior to the pandemic we had developed a challenging strategy with five broad goals. The roadmap to achieve these goals has been refreshed to reflect the changing external context. The roadmap to achieve these goals has been refreshed to reflect the changing external context.