Continuous Enhancement Review

The Continuous Enhancement Review process (CER) takes place throughout the academic year, as metrics and feedback become available. It is designed to allow the regular monitoring and enhancement of all programmes on an operational level by the Board of Studies. It also enables the opportunity for the creation of an action plan for the forthcoming year, whilst ensuring previous actions have been executed accordingly.

CER consists of two elements: a Continuous Enhancement Plan (CEP) and the Annual Programme Enhancement Review (APER).

  • Continuous Enhancement Plan (CEP) – is a single rolling action plan for each programme (or cluster of related programmes).
  • Annual Programme Enhancement Review (APER) – is a short reflective report for each programme (or cluster of related programmes) highlighting themes, issues, and areas of good practice for wider dissemination.


The Continuous Enhancement Review process enables the University to reflect on:

• The student experience and existing learning opportunities

• Achieved academic standards and student outcomes

The continuous enhancement review process aims to support improvement of the quality of the taught programmes offered by the University. Its function is to monitor risks and provide regular checks on ongoing learning, teaching and assessment provision at an operational level, identifying and tracking actions that will further enhance the quality of provision.

Staff can access further guidance in the Code of practice for continuous enhancement review: taught programmes This includes information on key roles and responsibilities and indicative deadlines for staff to note.

Templates for the CEP and APER are available from the CER SharePoint. Guidance documents are also stored within the CER SharePoint to support staff.

For further guidance and support please email