School of Health Sciences


Our vision is to be a world-class centre for healthcare research where dynamic academics conduct ground-breaking research that is valued by health professionals and society, addresses global health care priorities and generates evidence to underpin effective, compassionate and integrated health care.

Our research is informed by recognised leadership in three cross-cutting research themes:

Our research themes are areas or threads of work that are common across our research. They consist of teams of researchers who provide support and feed into the overarching philosophy of the School of Health Sciences.

These themes run through our four clusters of professional and research expertise:

Our research clusters consist of groups of researchers who have an interest in a disease, a group of diseases or research into a particular client such as maternal health and child.

Together, our cross-cutting research themes and clusters build a knowledge base that informs a matrix approach to our work at the School of Health Sciences. 

Our passions

  • Conducting the right research in the right way, by involving patients, family members and other stakeholders in the design and conduct of our research
  • Collaborating closely with the NHS and other healthcare organisations and agencies nationally and internationally
  • Developing researchers for the future
  • Enhancing health outcomes for patients, families and societies

Director of Health Sciences Research

Professor Emma Ream