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Long-term Conditions and Ageing Research Cluster

Our vision is to ensure provision of high quality, values-based health and social care research across the life-span.

Research interests

Effective management of people with long-term conditions is a priority within health care and an ageing population. Our research activities are designed to develop and strengthen local, national and international collaborations enabling the delivery of high quality, values-based health and social care practice across the lifespan.

Our research focuses upon dementia care, frailty and multi-morbidity in older people, non-medical prescribing, self-management of long-term conditions, workforce preparation and models of care.

The mission of the Long-term Conditions and Ageing Cluster is to ensure provision of values-based care for service users by advancing knowledge in health and social care across the lifespan.

Research areas

Our research falls into five main areas:

  • Dementia care
  • Frailty and multi-morbidity in older people
  • Non-medical prescribing
  • Self-management of long-term conditions
  • Workforce preparation and models of care
  • Palliative and end of life care.

Research methodologies

  • Realist synthesis and evaluation
  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Intervention studies
  • Participatory research
  • Ethnography 
  • Grounded theory
  • Phenomenology
  • Systematic review
  • Delphi technique
  • Mixed methods
  • Longitudinal and cohort studies.

Areas of interest for doctoral study

We welcome approaches from people wishing to undertake postgraduate research with us. We particularly welcome enquiries in the following areas:

  • Frailty and care homes- admissions avoidance, recognising deteriorating patients, quality of life, transitions into end of life, and end of life care
  • Implementation and evaluation of non-medical prescribing, medicines optimisation
  • Workforce development: extended roles, advanced clinical practice
  • Self-management of long-term conditions
  • Learning disabilities
  • Quality improvement.

Please contact Freda Mold (freda.mold@surrey.ac.uk) and Jenny Harris (jen.harris@surrey.ac.uk), our postgraduate research directors, if you are considering postgraduate research.

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Cluster members

Justin Avery Aunger profile image

Dr Justin Aunger

Research Fellow (0.5 FTE) & Commercialisation Fellow (0.5 FTE)

Carys Banks profile image

Dr Carys Banks

NIHR Research Fellow

Lisa Blazhevski profile image

Lisa Blazhevski

Lecturer Integrated Care

Susan Brooks profile image

Sue Brooks

Visiting Senior Lecturer

Orlando Caetano profile image

Orlando Caetano

Teaching Fellow in Integrated Health (Moving and Handling)

Theopisti (Theti) Chrysanthaki profile image

Dr Theopisti Chrysanthaki

Lecturer in Integrated Care/ehealth

Dr Sarah Combes

Research Fellow

Anna Cox profile image

Dr Anna Cox

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Judith Edwards

Postgraduate research student

Nyangi Gityamwi profile image

Dr Nyangi Gityamwi

Research Fellow

Richard Green profile image

Dr Richard Green

Surrey Future Fellow

Faith Howard profile image

Faith Howard

Postgraduate Research Student

Haomiao Jin profile image

Dr Haomiao Jin

Lecturer in Health Data Sciences

Agnieszka Lemanska profile image

Dr Agnieszka Lemanska

Senior Lecturer in Health Data Science

Jill Maben profile image

Professor Jill Maben

Professor of Health Services Research and Nursing

Freda Elizabeth Mold profile image

Dr Freda Elizabeth Mold

Senior Lecturer in Integrated Care

Caroline Nicholson profile image

Professor Caroline Nicholson

Professor of Palliative Care and Ageing

Dr Neesha Oozageer Gunowa profile image

Neesha Oozageer Gunowa

Senior Lecturer and Pathway Lead in Community Nursing

Katherine Poole profile image

Kathy Poole

Adult Nursing Lecturer

Karen Shaw profile image

Dr Karen Shaw

Project Manager

Colin Shore profile image

Colin Shore

Research Fellow

Karen Stenner profile image

Dr Karen Stenner

Lecturer in Health Services Research

Mark Stobbart profile image

Mark Stobbart

Senior Teaching Fellow

Suzanne van Even profile image

Suzanne van Even

Research Assistant