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Long-term Conditions and Ageing Research Cluster

Our vision is to ensure provision of high quality, values-based health and social care research across the life-span.

Research interests

Effective management of people with long-term conditions is a priority within health care and an ageing population. Our research activities are designed to develop and strengthen local, national and international collaborations enabling the delivery of high quality, values-based health and social care practice across the lifespan.

Our research focuses upon dementia care, frailty and multi-morbidity in older people, non-medical prescribing, self-management of long-term conditions, workforce preparation and models of care.

The mission of the Long-term Conditions and Ageing Cluster is to ensure provision of values-based care for service users by advancing knowledge in health and social care across the lifespan.


Research areas

Our research falls into five main areas:

  • Dementia care
  • Frailty and multi-morbidity in older people
  • Non-medical prescribing
  • Self-management of long-term conditions
  • Workforce preparation and models of care
  • Palliative and end of life care.

Research methodologies

  • Realist synthesis and evaluation
  • Randomised controlled trials
  • Intervention studies
  • Participatory research
  • Ethnography 
  • Grounded theory
  • Phenomenology
  • Systematic review
  • Delphi technique
  • Mixed methods
  • Longitudinal and cohort studies.

Areas of interest for doctoral study

We welcome approaches from people wishing to undertake postgraduate research with us. We particularly welcome enquiries in the following areas:

  • Frailty and care homes- admissions avoidance, recognising deteriorating patients, quality of life, transitions into end of life, and end of life care
  • Implementation and evaluation of non-medical prescribing, medicines optimisation
  • Workforce development: extended roles, advanced clinical practice
  • Self-management of long-term conditions
  • Learning disabilities
  • Quality improvement.

Please contact Freda Mold (freda.mold@surrey.ac.uk) and Debbie Cooke (d.cooke@surrey.ac.uk), our postgraduate research directors, if you are considering postgraduate research.

Our studies

Some of our current studies include:

  1. Cross-cultural perspectives on roles, responsibilities and future care for older adults.
  2. Evaluation of the implementation of “Freedom to Speak up Local Guardians” in NHS acute hospital trusts and mental health trusts in England
  3. Evaluation of supplementary prescribing by dietitians and independent prescribing by therapeutic radiographers
  4. Developing an innovative healthcare system for palliative care in Ethiopia: co-design and user testing of a mobile phone based remote monitoring system (E-PC)
  5. Improving Early Detection of Infection in Nursing Home Residents - Implementing the Early Detection of Infection Scale (EDIS) in UK Nursing
  6. TiME Matters – study exploring design and acceptability of using a digital story-based communication system for care home settings
  7. DAFNEplus: Developing and trialling the DAFNEplus (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) intervention.
  8. BEAT Diabetes – An online, digital platforms, accessed through primary care, to encourage and support people with type 2 diabetes to make positive lifestyle changes
  9. Melting the Snowy White Peaks of the NHS: Overcoming barriers to career progression for BME nurses  
  10. Generation Z’s Views of Care and Care Careers: An International Comparison
  11. Does the current pre-registration nursing curricula meet the needs of newly qualified nurses who are recruited directly to community nursing?
  12. Time for Dementia - involving health care professionals visiting people with dementia and their family
  13. MDTea podcasts - Developing open access series of podcasts for all healthcare professionals working with older adults
  14. CHHiP linkage - Extracting primary care records for patients enrolled to a RCT called CHHiP to investigate the effect of comorbidity on recovery from cancer and its treatment
  15. Story-telling and occupational wellbeing in health-care: a process evaluation of Schwartz Centre Rounds® using an interactional framework
  16. What do patients want from online access to their primary care record? A qualitative investigation into patients’ reported needs and expectations regarding online access
  17. Developing Wellbeing Online - online platform for digital mental health and wellbeing interventions for University of Surrey students and staff
  18. The PALLUP Study: Equipping community services to meet the palliative care needs of older people with frailty approaching the end of life; a mixed methods study- Funded by NIHR/HEE ICA SCL
  19. CASACDE Project: Empowering staff caring for older people with frailty - Funded by Burdett Trust for Nurses- Frailty Matters Programme
  20. INTERPRET-X- Understanding patient uptake and experience of interpreter services in primary care: a pilot study
  21. Delegation of insulin administration to non-registered healthcare workers in community nursing teams: an evaluation of care and practice for older people with diabetes (CINDI).

  1. Karen Cook: Developing undergraduate curricula to facilitate nurses’ ability to support self-management amongst people with long term conditions (Supervisors: Dr Debbie Cooke, Dr Nicola Carey)
  2. Judith Edwards – The role of medicines management and non-medical prescribing in implementation of the paramedic advanced practitioner role. (Supervisors: Dr Nicola Carey, Prof Melaine Coward. Co-supervisor: Mr Andy Collen)
  3. Olivia Luijnenburg: ETHoS Project: The Ethical Implications of 'Spirituality' in Residential Care for Older People. (Supervisors: Professor Ann Gallagher, Dr Freda Mold)
  4. Sarah Combes: The CLaD Study- facilitating advance care planning for older people living with frailty (Supervisors: Professor Caroline Nicholson, Professor C Norton (KCl) and Dr K Gillett (KCl))

Recent publications

Banks, C.A., D. Wainwright, R. Gooberman-Hill. (2020). An ethnography exploring the limits of dedifferentiation in the lives of adults with learning disabilities. Special Issue in Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability https://doi.org/10.3109/13668250.2020.1799161 (forthcoming December 2020).

Carey, N., Alkhamees, N., Cox, A., Sund-Levander, M., Tingström, P. & Mold, F. (in press) Exploring views and experiences of how infections are detected and managed in practice by nurses, care workers, and manager’s in nursing homes in England and Sweden: a survey protocol. BMJ Open.

Davidge G, Sanders C, Hays R, Morris R, Atherton H, Mold F, McMillan B. What do patients want? A qualitative exploration of patients’ needs and expectations regarding online access to their primary care record. British Journal of General Practice 2020; 70 (suppl 1): bjgp20X711245. DOI: 10.3399/bjgp20X711245

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Williams ED, Park CM, Chaturvedi N, et al. Associations Between Left Ventricular Dysfunction and Brain Structure and Function: Findings From the SABRE (Southall and Brent Revisited) Study. J Am Heart Assoc 2017;6(4).


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