Dr Haomiao Jin


My qualifications

Postdoctoral Training in Social Work
University of Southern California
Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (focus: health data sciences and information technology assessment)
University of Southern California
M.S. in Operations Research
University of Southern California
M.S. in Industrial Engineering
Zhejiang University
B.S. in Industrial Engineering
Zhejiang University

My publications


Haomiao Jin, Surabhi S Nath, Stefan Schneider, Doerte Junghaenel, Shinyi Wu, Charles Kaplan (2021). An informatics approach to examine decision-making impairments in the daily life of individuals with depression. Journal of biomedical informatics 122, 103913
Haomiao Jin, Sandy Chien, Erik Meijer, Pranali Khobragade, Jinkook Lee (2021). Learning From Clinical Consensus Diagnosis in India to Facilitate Automatic Classification of Dementia: Machine Learning Study
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