Dr Haomiao Jin


My qualifications

Postdoctoral Training in Social Work (focus: primary data collection, ageing, mental health)
University of Southern California
Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering (focus: information technology, data science, and health)
University of Southern California
M.S. in Operations Research
University of Southern California
M.S. in Industrial Engineering
Zhejiang University
B.S. in Industrial Engineering
Zhejiang University


Research projects


Tyler B Mason, Kathryn E Smith, Ross D Crosby, Scott G Engel, Carol B Peterson, Stephen A Wonderlich, Haomiao Jin (2021) Multi-state modeling of thought-shape fusion using ecological momentary assessment. Body Image 39, 139-145
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Magaly Ramirez, Shinyi Wu, Haomiao Jin, Kathleen Ell, Sandra Gross-Schulman, Laura Myerchin Sklaroff, Jeffrey Guterman (2016) Automated remote monitoring of depression: acceptance among low-income patients in diabetes disease management. JMIR mental health 3 (1), e4823
Shinyi Wu, William A Vega, Jason Resendez, Haomiao Jin (2016) Latinos & Alzheimer’s disease: New numbers behind the crisis
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