Dr Anna Cox

Post Doctoral Research Fellow
PhD, MSc, BSc
Monday - Wednesday 9.15 -5.30

Academic and research departments

School of Health Sciences.


Areas of specialism

Understanding and improving the care experience of people with learning disabilities; Development and implementation of interventions to support the provision of quality care throughout the life course; Educational interventions to prepare the social care workforce to provide good quality care; E-health and Cancer Survivorship

My qualifications

PhD - Cancer survivorship, supportive care and e-health
University of Surrey
MSc Health Psychology (Distinction)
City University, London
BSc (Hons) Psychology (2:1)
University of Plymouth

My publications


Cox, A., Lucas, G., Marcu, A. Piano, M., Grosvenor, W., Mold, F., Maguire, R. & Ream, E. (2017) Cancer Survivors’ Experience With Telehealth: A Systematic Review and Thematic Synthesis. Journal of Medical Internet Research Vol 19, No 1.



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Konstantära, E., Vandrevala, T., Cox, A., Craigh-Brown, B. & Ogden, J. (2016) Balancing Professional Tension and Deciding upon the Status of Death: Making End-of-life Decisions in Intensive Care Units. Health Psychology Open. 3 (1): 1-9


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