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Judith Edwards

Postgraduate research student

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School of Health Sciences.

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Edwards Judith, Coward Melaine, Carey Nicola (2020) Paramedic independent prescribing in primary care ? seven steps to success,Journal of Prescribing Practice MA Healthcare Ltd
Paramedic practice is evolving and the number of advanced paramedics in primary care
roles in the UK has risen dramatically. A significant milestone for the paramedic profession,
recent legislation granting paramedics independent prescribing rights means UK paramedics
are the first worldwide to receive this extension in scope of practice. Paramedic prescribing
capability is expected to increase autonomy for independent case management and
enhance capacity for service development. Local and national success is however likely to
depend on skilful implementation and the avoidance of historical barriers. This article aims to
raise awareness of potential barriers to early adoption of paramedic independent prescribing
in primary care. It identifies common pitfalls prior to training and provides seven practical
steps for paramedics considering pursuing non-medical prescribing training.