Workforce, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW) research theme

Our vision for research in the Workforce, Organisation and Wellbeing theme is to lead research that supports the best use of the healthcare workforce for optimal staff and patient outcomes. 

Research interests

The healthcare workforce is vast in number and reach and is a significant percentage of healthcare expenditure. It is vital that best evidence is generated and used in the optimal organisation and delivery of healthcare which is fundamental to high quality patient care delivery in the NHS, private healthcare and third sector organisations. This strand of work investigates policy and practice related to the healthcare workforce, in order to develop and evaluate workforce and educational tools/ interventions to improve care delivery for patients.

Research and scholarship in healthcare workforce, organisation and wellbeing underpins clinician, manager and support staff’s decision making and supports students and staff to care well.

Research areas

  •  Workforce staffing and policy implementation – e.g. new care certificate for Health care assistants
  • Supporting the workforce to care well (staff wellbeing and resilience) and improve care delivery e.g. National evaluation of Schwartz Rounds in the UK and 10 year evaluation of the Productive ward; Prevalence and causes of psychiatric morbidity in hospital consultants, and of compassion fatigue in emergency consultants.
  • Systems that support staff to raise concerns and speak up – e.g. evaluation of the local Speak up Guardians
  • The impact of the built environment on care delivery and patient experience – e.g. evaluation of 100% single rooms in acute care (UK; Australia; Denmark and Holland).
  • Describing, assessing and improving teamwork in healthcare (multi/inter-disciplinary teamwork) e.g. MDT-FIT (MultiDisciplinary Team- Feedback for Improving Teamwork): an assessment and feedback tool for cancer MDTs to use to develop and improve teamwork. 

Methodological expertise

  • Realist evaluation
  • Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods designs
  • User-led co-design
  • Organisational case studies
  • Implementation and evaluation

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