The DCC service realist evaluation

A total of 42 Dementia Care Coordinators (DCCs) have been introduced across Kent and Medway to support people with dementia and their carers to access the health and care system.

Start date

01 October 2022

End date

01 October 2024


ARC KSS have been pleased to support the evaluation of the dementia care coordinators (DCC) service, a new role and model of care in Kent and Medway. A small-scale evaluation of the pilot service took place in September, led by Dr Ruth Abrams at the University of Surrey. Ruth is currently leading a larger scale evaluation after a successful application for ARC KSS funding.

Kent and Medway dementia care coordinators are unique in that they are all employed through two providers via the ICS, with a DCC at each PCN across Kent and Medway. Their role is to support people living dementia, providing care from pre-diagnosis to end of life. Results from focus groups after the pilot showed that:

  • DCCs felt PLWD and their carers were particularly benefiting from having the DCC as a key point of contact to help weave a web of care around them;
  • Establishing the roles at PCN level with buy in from GPs could be problematic due to lack of communication and understanding of the role;
  • DCCs felt the need to manage expectations about what they could and couldn’t help with, especially being non-clinical professionals.
  • DCCs felt a degree of emotional burden, wanting to provide high quality care but also needing to manage their caseloads;
  • People living alone were perceived to be more vulnerable with concerns over how to ensure they were supported.

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Professor Jill Maben

Professor of Health Services Research and Nursing

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Dr Wendy Grosvenor

Associate Professor

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