Strategic Research Theme: Lifelong Health

Lifelong Health is one of the University of Surrey’s strategic research themes which has been defined to support the ambitious objectives for research excellence and impact.

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Ctrl, alt, delete. How do we reboot our way of living and society after COVID-19?

Could the pandemic re-shape our world for the better? Clean recovery and growth, kick starting economies, new vaccine technology, AI replacing workers - can they really mean a better world where things we only dreamt of barely a year ago become reality in the coming months and years? Join our panel ...

Theme champion

Professor Deborah Dunn-Walters

Professor of Immunology, Lead for University Research Theme Lifelong Health

Deborah Dunn-Walters is Professor of Immunology in the School of Bioscience and Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Her group studies B cell development in Health and Disease, taking a systems immunology approach to elucidate changes in humoral immunity with age and to discover antibodies useful in cancer and infectious disease.  Her lab is currently working o...

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#Immunology, #ageing and #COVID19 from @britsocimm Briefing note, what we know so far and what we need to do.
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First of many exciting scRNAseq experiments at Surrey.
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Opening up UKRI studentship globally