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The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) comprises four schools, all working together under a 'One Health' vision, to provide interdisciplinary research and teaching in human and animal health.

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Within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS), University of Surrey, we are firmly of the belief that excellence in research and teaching in the twenty-first century can only be achieved with an international dimension


Rhythmic control of angiogenesis in tissue engineering

Funding information:
Self funded studentship

Regulation of urothelial and bladder function by oxidative stress – the role of Nox enzymes

Funding information:
Accepted candidates are required to pay standard tuition fees in addition to 20% of bench fees. Materials and consumables will be provided.

Rhythms of human nutrition, metabolism and physiology

Funding information:
This studentship is self-funded. The majority of experimental costs will be covered by the supervisors from a current MRC grant, although successful candidates may be required to provide a partial contribution towards bench fees.


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