In the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS) we firmly believe that excellence in research and teaching in the 21st century can only be achieved with an international dimension. 

Our global strategy

Our vision

Our vision is of a Faculty whose staff and students enjoy and realise the challenges and opportunities of a thoroughly internationalised environment, and of a Faculty that is recognised internationally for its excellence in teaching and research.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote internationalisation of the staff and student experience and recognition of the Faculty’s and University’s excellence abroad, with the aim of generating high-quality research and teaching with overseas partners. We aim to achieve this mission through the following specific aims:

  • To promote engagement of our staff with international partners in both education and research.
  • To promote an international experience for our students.
  • To facilitate the recruitment of the best international students at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate researcher level
  • To develop strong links with key international partners.
  • To develop strong international research collaborations that will deliver research excellence and global impact.
  • To position the Faculty so that it is well-placed to take advantage of international research funding opportunities.
  • To raise the profile of FHMS as a leader in bioscience, healthcare, psychology, medicine and veterinary education and research.
  • To increase our international student body.
  • To contribute effectively to the University’s Global Strategy.

Our international research collaborations

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