Equality, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to championing equality, diversity and inclusion and building a culture where these values are integrated into the life and work of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences (FHMS).

Equality, diversity and inclusion in FHMS

We are committed to:

  • Taking a proactive approach to both celebrating and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Enabling everyone in our community to work and study in an environment of mutual respect and thereby supporting each other to fulfil our individual and collective aspirations

We will champion equality, diversity and inclusion and ensure that our staff and students are treated fairly and by taking a proactive approach, we can effect positive change by developing and supporting local ideas and initiatives into concrete actions and genuinely inclusive practices.

We will champion equality, diversity and inclusion in the Faculty by:

  • Promoting understanding and development by enabling all staff to undertake University EDI training.
  • Challenging practices, processes, policies, ourselves and others openly and respectfully – to enable each one of us to be our authentic self at work.
  • Communicating our commitment and actions regularly and working in liaison with our school working groups and the University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum.
  • Enabling everyone within our community to be accountable for equality diversity and inclusion.

Faculty Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (FEDIC)

FEDIC reports to the Faculty Executive Board and is responsible for coordinating equality and diversity activities, and incentives for staff, students and visitors. It does this by:

  • Identifying and advising on priorities for equality and diversity
  • Ensuring transparency of activities and disseminating best practice and celebrating success
  • Reviewing and responding to issues raised by school EDI groups
  • Commissioning strategic pieces of work that enable the Faculty to fulfil its responsibilities relating to equality and diversity and ensuring consistency of approach
  • Raising ambition at every level of the equality agenda via strong leadership, and the removal of barriers to change
  • Empowering members of the Faculty, through the insightful use of evidence, and by assessing and improving performance

School equality, diversity and inclusion working groups

All Schools in the Faculty have an equality, diversity and inclusion working group reporting into FEDIC though the Heads of School.

These groups have representation from a number of the equality and diversity groups listed below. If you are interned in joining one of the working groups you should contact your Head of School.

Contact us

For further advice or enquiries email fhms-fedic@surrey.ac.uk or get in touch with our School Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Groups Chairs.

School of Biosciences and MedicineProfessor David Blackbourn, Head of Schoold.blackbourn@surrey.ac.uk
School of Health Sciences and MedicineProfessor Melaine Coward, Head of School m.coward@surrey.ac.uk
School of PsychologyProfessor Chris Fife-Schaw, Acting Head of School c.fife-Schaw@surrey.ac.uk
School of Veterinary MedicineProfessor Chris Proudman, Head of Schoolc.proudman@surrey.ac.uk

Faculty Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (FEDIC)

Our members embrace the challenge of making a positive difference to the culture of the Faculty and will work together to deliver focused actions to improve the experiences and perceptions of our diverse community.


Deborah Lawson profile image

Deborah Lawson

Director of Faculty Operations


Placeholder image for staff profiles

Shurene Bishop

Health and Safety Manager/Technical services

David J. Blackbourn profile image

Professor David Blackbourn

Head of the School of Biosciences and Medicine

Melaine Coward profile image

Professor Melaine Coward

Head of School of Health Sciences and Deputy Chair for FEDIC

Cathrine Derham profile image

Cathy Derham

Associate Dean (Education), FHMS. Principal Teaching Fellow, School of Health Sciences

Lisa Dimbylow profile image

Lisa Dimbylow

Faculty Marketing Manger

Chris Fife-Schaw profile image

Professor Christopher Fife-Schaw

Acting Head of School of Psychology

Placeholder image for staff profiles

Michael Hassell

University equality and diversity representative

Fernanda Haswell profile image

Fernanda Haswell

Business Operations Manager/Athena Swan co-ordinator

Placeholder image for staff profiles

Lois Moor

HR Manager

Duncan Myers profile image

Reverend Duncan Myers

University of Surrey Anglican Chaplin and Faith representative

Chris Proudman profile image

Professor Christopher Proudman

Head of the School of Veterinary Medicine

Placeholder image for staff profiles

Aimee Roussos

Business Operations Officer/ FEDIC Project Officer

Isaiah Joseph Ting profile image

Isaiah Joseph Ting

Postgraduate researcher representative

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