Support and engagement

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment through the support we provide, and activities for students, staff and visitors.

Our community

Our students and staff come from more than 140 countries across the world, helping to create a multicultural, inclusive campus where all religious and ethnic groups are welcome.

Respect for – and celebration of – the diversity of our University community is one of our core values. We condemn hatred and discrimination of any section of our society and, in line with the Equality Act 2010, we work to eliminate all discrimination, harassment and victimisation within our community.

Our approach

Our mission at the University of Surrey is to foster a safe and stimulating environment where all students and staff can study, work and live, knowing they will be respected and welcomed.

Freedom of speech

The protection and promotion of freedom of expression is also an important part of our role as a higher education institution, and sharing ideas is crucial to learning and research – it allows students and staff to think critically, challenge and engage with different perspectives. Our commitment to freedom of speech is formally enshrined in our Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech. We actively support the legal duty we have to protect freedom of speech, while always remaining mindful of balancing that with our commitments to ensure our students and staff are protected from harm.