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Expectations of medical care are changing fast – meaning the role of the doctor is too. Our four-year graduate entry Medicine BMBS degree has a clear objective: to equip you with the knowledge and experience you need to excel in the world of modern medicine.

We are now accepting applications from home and international students for 2025 entry.

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Medical education shaped around you

A guiding principle of the National Health Services (NHS) is that medical care should be patient-centred – responding not only to the patient’s clinical conditions, but also their lifestyle, wishes, responsibilities and beliefs.

The best medical school should follow the same principle, delivering student-centred teaching and learning, that responds to your needs and professional ambitions. 

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Juliet Wright
Our goal is to put you in charge of your own development

Not only nurturing the independence and resilience that you’ll need as a doctor, but instilling the drive and ambition to continue with lifelong learning, contributing to the advance of medical science.

Professor Juliet Wright Founding Dean, School of Medicine

Developing our curriculum

We are working in collaboration with the University of Exeter to develop our accelerated curriculum that will provide a hands-on, patient centred programme.

We’re delighted to be partnering with the University of Surrey in this new venture; their choice of Exeter is testament to the quality of our medical programme and the expertise we have in training outstanding doctors. The pandemic has highlighted the crucial importance of training more health professionals in the future and we’re excited to be supporting this objective.
Professor Lisa Roberts Vice Chancellor of the University of Exeter
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Theory and practice go hand in hand throughout our Medicine (Graduate Entry) BMBS degree.