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Our pan-university institute brings together Surrey’s core AI-related expertise in vision, speech and signal processing, computer science, and mathematics, with its domain expertise across engineering and physical sciences, human and animal health, law and regulation, business, finance and the social sciences.

Join our new Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI

The newly-formed pan-university AI Institute at the University of Surrey offers a unique environment to help shape the future of AI as part of a community of co-creators, and as part of that we are building a unique team with 12 new academic appointments at lecturer, senior lecturer or reader level.

​​National importance

In contrast to other national AI initiatives, the Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI brings together practitioner domain knowledge with AI expertise. Our Institute timely addresses the national importance of AI for the benefit of society and the economy as recognised in the government's new AI strategy ‘new ten-year plan to make the UK a global AI superpower’ launched in September 2021.

Our vision also addresses the government’s industrial strategy ‘AI and the Data Economy’ for critical sectors of the UK economy such as creative industries, health care and security.

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