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Number one in the UK for computer vision and audio-visual AI research, we have 30 years of leadership in both fundamental AI theory and world-leading applications of people-centred AI, and a strong track record of partnership with industry leading to successful commercialisation of our research.

AI research at Surrey

At the University of Surrey, AI Impacts almost every area of our research, from medical imaging to improve cancer diagnosis, to law and ethics for the regulation of autonomous decision making systems. The University leads on both the fundamental AI theory - pioneering new machine learning algorithms and the understanding of black box AI systems - and the application of AI for the benefit of society through healthcare, security, education and entertainment.

Multidisciplinary network of researchers

AI at Surrey is a thriving multi-disciplinary network of over 300 researchers across the University from over 20 groups spanning fundamental AI theory through to applications in health, nutrition, language, security, education, entertainment, finance, business, law, ethics, understanding and regulation of AI and autonomous decision making systems.

If you are interested in a particular area please contact individual group leads or for general enquiries email us.

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