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AI@Surrey brings together a cross-disciplinary network of centres and groups leading AI related research and applications.

Centres and groups

Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP)

Woman wearing a virtual reality headset

The Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing's vision is to create machines that can see and hear to understand the world around them, enabling AI applications for the benefit of society. Research in the Centre has led to pioneering technology and award-winning spin-out companies in the biometric, communication, medical and creative industries.

Contact: Professor Adrian Hilton.


Nature Inspired Computing and Engineering Research Group (NICE)

Hands holding up a bubble with the sun setting in the background

NICE, a research group within Surrey’s Department of Computer Science, develops computational models and algorithms inspired from natural intelligence found in physical, chemical, social and biological systems to solve practical problems across many sectors.

Contact: Professor Yaochu Jin.

Analytics Cluster of Excellence (ACE)

Surrey Analytics logo

Analytics Cluster of Excellence (ACE) – brings together industries and academics to accelerate the implementation of latest research in practice. We join operational analytics, data science and artificial intelligence to impact businesses.


Astrophysics Research Group

Telescope on hill at night with stars shining

Surrey’s Astrophysics Research Group within the School of Mathematics and Physics works on key problems from the smallest to the largest scales – including the formation of stars and galaxies, the evolution of the Milky Way, dark matter and dark energy, formation and evolution of supermassive black holes, sources of gravitational waves.

Contact: Professor Justin Read.

Brain and Behaviour Research Group


The Brain and Behaviour Research Group within Surrey’s School of Psychology explores multiple aspects of cognition and behaviour across the lifespan in both non-clinical and clinical populations.

Contact: Professor Annette Sterr.

Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES)

Person holding a small plant with soil

Established at Surrey in 1992, CES is an internationally-acclaimed centre of excellence on sustainable development, and has significant influence on the development of industrial ecology, systems analysis for sustainability, and policies designed to help society to live sustainably.

Contact: Professor Richard Murphy.

Centre for International Intervention

Two women walking alongside an ambulance

The Centre for International Intervention, a research centre within Surrey’s Department of Politics, operates at the intersection of academia, government, private sector and third sector, providing a forum for research, discussion, and education around international intervention.

Contact: Dr Alex Leveringhaus.

Centre for Mathematical and Computational Biology (CMCB)

Data on a computer screen

CMCB is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together researchers who develop and deploy mathematical and computational methods to advance research and practical applications in the life sciences and medicine.



Centre for Research in Social Simulation (CRESS)

A city at night lit up with lots of people walking around

Based in Surrey’s Department of Sociology, CRESS is a multidisciplinary centre bringing together the social sciences, software engineering and agent-based computing to promote and support the use of social simulation in research in the human sciences.

Contact: Professor Nigel Gilbert.

Centre for Translation Studies (CTS)

Students in a language class

The Centre for Translation Studies, within Surrey’s School of Literature and Languages, is focused on achieving an effect on the real world by integrating new technologies into the professional practice of translating and interpreting, and addressing changing communication needs in the light of global migration.

Contact: Professor Sabine Braun.

Centre of Digital Economy (CoDE)

Digital code on a green background with the world map

CoDE, a research centre within Surrey Business School, is focused on leveraging the opportunities created by the digital economy to enhance society and enrich human life.

Contact: Professor Annabelle Gawer.

Department of Business Analytics and Operations

Business Transformation

The Department of Business Analytics and Operations' research on business analytics and extractive industries, inform policy and practice transformation. Co-operating with businesses and organisations to deliver solutions using our expertise in supply chains, operational research, data science, sustainability and extractive industries allows them to push the borders of science.


Department of Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting

Surrey Business School’s Department of Finance and Accounting is working in partnership with government and financial organisations to identify how AI is changing the financial services industry.

Contact: Professor Bonnie Buchanan.

Digital Health Research Theme

A nurse with a patient on a bed

The vision of the Digital Health Research Theme within Surrey’s School of Health Sciences is to lead collaborative research in order to create health technologies that are accessible for patients and their families; and to demonstrate evidence of improvements in health, well-being and social care outcomes.

Contact: Dr Jo Armes.

Digital Visitor Economy Research Group

Tower bridge at night

The Digital Visitor Economy Research Group, within Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, provides rigorous and critical scientific foundation to deliver value to the visitor economy of tomorrow. It focuses on the digital transformation in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector, smart systems.

Contact: Professor Caroline Scarles.

Digital World Research Centre (DWRC)

Long signpost with colourful signs

DWRC, within the University’s Department of Music and Media, carries out new media innovation projects with social and cultural benefit by conducting interdisciplinary research into new media platforms, content and experiences.

Contact: Professor David Frohlich.

Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre

Blueberries and raspberries on a board

Based in the School of Psychology, the Food, Consumer Behaviour and Health Research Centre brings together researchers from psychology, nutrition, food safety and management in order to address issues concerned with food and health, especially as it pertains to consumer behaviour.

Contact: Professor Monique Raats.

Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE)

Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) is an interdisciplinary research centre focusing on understanding the impact of air pollution and climate change on public health and the environment to realise a global collaborative vision of ‘Clean Air for All’. Our Air Quality Laboratory and Guildford Living Lab support the research and join the public, charities, businesses, local councils and regulatory bodies to co-create and co-design air pollution and climate change solutions.

Contact: Professor Prashant Kumar.

Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) and 5G/6G Innovation Centre (5G/6GIC)

The Institute for Communication Systems building at night

ICS is the UK's largest and most well-known academic research centre in mobile and satellite communication systems. It hosts the 5G/6GIC which brings together leading academics and key industry partners in a shared vision to help define and develop the 5G and 6G infrastructure.

Contact: Professor Ning Wang.

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

hospitality and tourism students

To tackle the social, economic and ethical problems arising from the use of AI technologies across the sector, Surrey’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management – the leading school of its type in the UK – has launched several streams of research activity.

Contact: Professor Iis Tussyadiah.

Surrey Blockchain

Blue link chains

Surrey Blockchain is the hub of the University’s research in Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) technologies, backed by over £3m from UKRI/EPSRC. Uniquely, its research fuses Blockchain and AI to enable new solutions in sectors such as healthcare and public archiving.

Contact: Professor John Collomosse.

Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS)

Hand typing on a keyboard

SCCS consolidates activities in cyber security across the University of Surrey and is one of 17 Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) recognised by the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

Contact: Professor Steve Schneider.

Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy (SCLP)

Person pointing at icons on a glass screen

SCLP promotes interdisciplinary research within the University’s School of Law founded on the idea that legal inquiry and philosophical theorizing are mutually reinforcing pursuits, examining ethical, legal and regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies such as AI.

Contact: Professor Ryan Abbott.

Surrey Sleep Research Centre (SSRC)

Woman sleeping in a bed with monitors and a blue light on

SSRC is home to forward-thinking multidisciplinary approaches to pre-clinical and clinical sleep research, using a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor, record and analyse sleep patterns and sleep disorders.

Contact: Professor Derk-Jan Dijk.

Veterinary Health Innovation Engine (vHive)

Students wearing green aprons holding a snake

vHive is an innovation hub within Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine dedicated to the development and adoption of new digital technologies in animal health.

Contact: Professor Alasdair Cook.

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