Centre for Environment and Sustainability

The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) is an internationally-acclaimed centre of excellence on sustainable development. Find out more about our centre.

Embedding sustainability in education

We are committed to ensuring our students develop their understanding of the consequences their actions can have on the planet and future generations. We offer a free extracurricular course students can take to get an in-depth understanding of issues affecting the sustainability of our planet.

Our staff members

Professor Richard Murphy

Head of the Centre

Richard Murphy joined the Centre for Environment and Sustainability as Professor of Life Cycle Assessment in February 2013. He has a background in biological sciences with a BSc in Botany with Zoology from King's College London and a PhD in Pure & Applied Biology from Imperial College London. Richard has undertaken Post-Doctoral work in New Zealand and The Netherlands and...


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Dr Marta López Cifuentes intrigued audiences with her talk about transforming urban food systems this weekend at th… https://t.co/sXmtYgmkno
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Fascinating short talk about sweetening the path to sustainability by Dr James Suckling at the @UniOfSurrey Showcas… https://t.co/AMZGS0RrT1
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Prof. Jhuma Sadhukhan from @UniOfSurrey highlights why biofuels can’t be the complete answer to decarbonisation.https://t.co/X4uY2x9UFy

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