CPD and short courses

Our modules form the basis of our continuing professional development (CPD) offering. You may choose to join a module simply for the experience of the teaching or choose to undertake assessment of learning, and gain credits.

Sustainability is key to building resilient organisations

Organisations are increasingly being judged on non-financial performance. Environment, social and governance factors are of growing importance when organisations are considering choices about products and services and their environmental implications.

Benefits of our training

Through our CPD provision, we help organisations:

  • Integrate sustainability into decision making
  • Look at ways to minimise their environmental impact
  • Actively work towards a global sustainable future. 

There is a wide range of tools, support and guidance to ensure individuals select the most appropriate modules to help with career development within sustainability. Support is provided via our personal development plan that enables you to identify key areas of development to enhance knowledge and performance in your current role, or address career aspiration towards a future role.

Drawing on sustainability specialists

Our CPD training draws on sustainability specialists from all backgrounds (engineering, sociology, psychology, natural sciences, business studies etc.) who combine their specialist insights with broader knowledge of sustainability.

Classes are enriched with masters’ students, research students and individuals from our business network ensuring dynamic interactions between students from different disciplines, backgrounds and experience. Additionally, our modules incorporate a host of external professional speakers from industry, non-governmental organisations and government to ensure our teaching is practice based and relevant.

Why study with us?

Having embarked on the first module I was introduced to a student mentor, who kindly guided me and provided invaluable support as I completed my, first ever, academic essay. I enjoyed every moment of the module and can’t thank the CPD team, lecturers, mentor and support staff enough for their guidance and assistance. CPD student, Nick Clifton-Welker
Students in a classroom